Tuesday, May 21, 2013

3rd Grade

 Valentine's Day Box (landscaping made with leftover Halloween candy)
Girl Scout Bazaar (her booth consisted of locker magnets)
 Ice cream sundaes in the classroom (naturally I volunteered for that one!)
North Carolina presentation (her artwork was adorable on this one!)

I can't believe 2013 is flying by so quickly.  As another school year comes to an end, the girls are counting down the days left until summer vacation.  We're all looking forward to sleeping in, adventures at the lake, and a trip to see the cousins.  I've been organizing all the pictures I've taken this year at their little classroom functions & I'll have to say these snapshots of Rylee's projects are some of my favorites.  She had lots of opportunities to flex her creative muscles this year.  Such a little artist!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Originals & Prints

I've added a few new paintings/prints to the shop.  I did these just a few weeks ago when the weather was still cold and crummy.  I was needing a bit of spring in my life, so I put it on canvas!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Exploring the backyard

I don't think I've ever been so ready for spring to arrive as I was this year.  This winter presented a few challenges & now that they are behind us, I'm incredibly anxious to move forward.  I'm ready to step into the sunshine & enjoy this wonderful season.  This past weekend we spent some time exploring the back yard.  The girls happened to find a robin's nest in the woods, on a very low branch, and we decided to hunt for more.  Originally we set off to look for frog eggs in a swampy area, but we had no luck there.  After pulling the kayak out of the garage, and paddling around the pond for a bit, our 9 yr. spooked a duck from the center island.  Upon further investigation, she found 5 eggs! We are super excited to have some little ducklings to look forward to.  Our other finds included killdeer eggs, in a tiny nest on the ground in our veggie garden, a little baby turtle about the size of a quarter in the front yard, & last but not least, Uma found her tennis ball!  What are you loving about spring?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lunchbox treats

I made the yummiest cheesecake for my husband's birthday this week. We had lots of left over batter, so I had my 5 yr. old fill our mini cupcake pan. I've been popping them in lunchboxes this week, and they've proved to be a big hit!

* Looking for a guilt-free treat, try these.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Around the House

We're making baby steps around the house, getting beyond the messy things like jackhammering tile & sanding subfloor. I cannot explain to you the amount of dust we've had swirling around this house. It has infiltrated every last nook and cranny in this place. (Did I mention I've been sneazing like crazy?) I have a newfound respect for those home reno warriors that have been working on their homes for years, and blogging every step. With a of couple projects finally under our belts, I see it's not all shiny results that seemingly happen overnight. It's a ton of work, a lot of delays, & a constant stream of receipts from Home Depot. We've laid 640 sq.ft. of hardwood in the kitchen & living rooms, the walls,ceilings and trim have been painted, and my Dad painstakingly refinished all 3 sets of french doors a creamy white. Buh bye, honey colored oak! Hello light. We still have a million projects staring us in the face, but for now I'm happy to cart all the ladders, saws, paint buckets, etc. down to the basement, and pretend that just for a few days, we're done with them. In the meantime, I'll put out flowers, hang some art, spruce up some of my thrifted finds, and just enjoy what we've accomplished so far. Whew!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What boundaries?

We started the week off with a snow day around here. Not technically a snow day, but a "backroads are icy" day. We gladly took it! Sleeping in feels like such a huge luxury! There's been very little snow here thus far. How about where you're at?

Today I stepped out to the studio where I finally took scans of the above paintings. I worked on these last week, and it felt really good to paint something outside my usual style. It still feels very me, but florals aren't something I've done in the past. I love them. It gives me a little push to try other things, which I'm excited about! You can find the originals here, and the prints here & here.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Post Holiday

We had a great holiday break! How about you? The best part for me was having the girls home for 10 days. They had so much fun playing with all their new stuff. We played with new board games, made pottery, etched glass vases, made mosiacs, and did science experiments! Hooray for crafty gifts! We spent the after Christmas portion of our break working on the house. The living room has been painted and flooring is being installed a little at a time. We hope to have the living room & kitchen done by Febuary, when my Dad will be flying in to help us knock most of the painting out. Cannot wait for that!
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