Saturday, January 07, 2012

Post Holiday

We had a great holiday break! How about you? The best part for me was having the girls home for 10 days. They had so much fun playing with all their new stuff. We played with new board games, made pottery, etched glass vases, made mosiacs, and did science experiments! Hooray for crafty gifts! We spent the after Christmas portion of our break working on the house. The living room has been painted and flooring is being installed a little at a time. We hope to have the living room & kitchen done by Febuary, when my Dad will be flying in to help us knock most of the painting out. Cannot wait for that!


Amy said...

I always mean to do home improvement projects when I'm home on break...just never seem to get around to them! Good job! :)

LINDSAY said...

Thanks! & I know what you mean...we only accomplished a fraction of what we had hoped to get done!

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